Free 10 Minute Water Meditation Video Pink Roses Summer

This free 10 minute flower meditation video comes with the peace brought from beautifully blooming pink Roses. The gorgeously full blooms on this bush were recorded for you due to peaceful energy they hold. As the Sun shifts through these wonderful flowers, and the bees move from bloom to bloom, you can feel the wonder of summer and nature aiding you into a joyful calm. A blissful experience for all, especially beginners learning how to meditate.

Beautiful Rose Blossoms And Serene Tones

With the serene pink of these flowers comes an equally peaceful soundtrack. To gentle melody that accompanies these wonderful Roses, along with the breeze that shifts through them, carries you into a deeper meditative state. To a place where you become calm in a wonderful way, achieving the stress relief you desire, and bringing you back into being yourself again. Changing your life for the more at ease life you seek as you listen and enjoy the amazing pink blooms.

The Best Way To Use This Free 10 Minute Flower Meditation Video

This is ideal for times when you really wish for some help to release the stresses of life and tension you have. It has been specially created to help you become calm, to help you gain stress relief, and to open your heart and mind to welcome in the more joyful life you desire. This is ideal for helping you through any life change, challenging times, or when you just wish to relax in a serene floral environment.

Headphones and earphones are ideal to use with this 10 minute flower meditation video as they help to remove any background sounds, aiding you to attain deeper immersion in the experience. If you have a quiet space then speakers are totally ok to use too. As long as you are able to focus with ease then you will be on the path to enjoying great meditative results with this.

As a tip if you wish to really draw yourself into a deeply peaceful experience, place your focus on the middle of the recording, right in the center of these gorgeous pink Roses. Then allow your eyes to defocus slightly, letting your mind go free, and feeling the soothing tones and melodies of the soundtrack carrying you into calmness and peace.

When To Use This Meditation Video

Due to its length it can be enjoyed at a variety of times, break times are especially good. Taking a little time to meditate been items of work or study helps you to release stress, relax and become more effective with what you wish to be doing again. When you take time to reset like this you also find you achieve greater enjoyment with what you are doing.

If you wish to use this at work at your computer whilst on a break just check with your boss quickly first. Mention in a positive manner that it is for stress relief and likely they will be very happy for you to enjoy it, they may even encourage you to do it more.

Regular practice brings the most wonderful benefits of meditation to you. Using this free 10 minute flower meditation video once a day will do you much good. If you can enjoy it twice a day then the benefits are even greater. You can always use one of the other serene meditation videos if you wish to have some variety, all of them have been created for your greatest benefit. To help you to release stress, become calm and change your life for the relaxed and joyful life you desire.