Free 10 Minute Flower Meditation Video Lush Sunlit Sakura 4k

Enjoy this free 10 minute meditation video and feel the warmth in your soul as your vision fills with warmly sunlit Sakura. This beautiful Cherry blossom filmed during golden hour at the peak of bloom, just after sunrise, brings you back in contact with the wonder of nature and the joy that exists in life all around us.

In Japan, this was recorded in Kyoto, Sakura signifies freshness, renewal and life. It comes at the start of spring and lines the streets of towns and cities, and comes just as people let go of winter and celebrate nature coming back to life and warmth with it. This piece brings you all that energy of the beginning of life, renewal and freshness, all of which is here to aid you in bringing freshness and rebirth into your own life along with other wonderful benefits.

Warm Sunlight With Cherry Blossom And Birdsong

Recorded just after sunrise, in an extremely peaceful part of Kyoto, Japan, with the birds singing through their dawn chorus the decision was made to keep the video as close to that experience as possible. Indeed just being their and recording this, following a very early start, was a wonderfully relaxing experience and the best has been done to share that with you.

The warm sunlight drifting in during that time when the golden hour light shares the best of natures colours with us all was recharging for the soul. The dawn chorus of sweet birdsong added a wonderful dimension and brought the beauty of nature to an even deeper level, a level shared with you here in this relaxing video.

The Best Way To Use This Free 10 Minute Flower Meditation Video

Give yourself an opportunity to totally recharge and catch natures wonderful rhythm when you need it. Timed to 10 minutes it is here to aid you when you need something to aid you in gaining calm, balance and stability in your life. It is here to help you achieve homeostasis and all the goodness that flows with it.

Due to the soundtrack being pure nature sounds it is great for helping you to completely shift your mind and everything else with it, into a totally different space. As such using headphones is recommended as they aid you to completely absorb in the environment within the video. If you have a totally quiet, and disturbance free, space then feel free to use speakers if you wish. The most important thing is your immersion.

When you enable yourself to immerse in this fully you get the best results, you get the best of you. The deeper your immersion the deeper your meditation, and more importantly the deeper your level of stress relief, and also the experience you gain from meditating in this way. By meditating in this way, filling yourself with the experience of nature, you become free to achieve wonderful personal insights and enhance your life through achieving them. So going in deeply is highly recommended.

When To Use This Meditation Video

This is great to enjoy at the beginning of the day, ideally just after waking up. At 10 minutes it is easy to bring into your post wake up, start of the day, routine. The energies within the video come from that very time, plus with the focal point being Cherry blossom in full bloom with glorious nature sounds the video is abundant in rejuvenating and refreshing energy.

In short enjoy this lush sunlit Sakura, or any of the other free 10 minute meditation videos, whenever you feel the need to refresh and reconnect with nature at times when you wish to do so during a short break or if time is at a premium. For an even deeper experience, and for a stronger measure designed to aid you in fully achieving balance and stability, stress relief and relaxation, go to the section on Homeostasis and discover the opportunity that awaits you there.